Traveling with Sphynx Cat is not a problem

There will be numerous times throughout your Sphynx’s life when you will need to be able to Traveling with Sphynx Cat. These include the first instance of bringing it home from the breeder, taking it to the vet, taking it to cat shows and taking it on any other trips that you may want. Travelling with Sphynx is not a problem (in fact, many of them love outings in the car!) but you do need to prepare carefully to ensure that the journey is safe and stress-free for your companion.

Traveling With Sphynx Cat

There are several things that you will need for safe and comfortable travelling with your Sphynx. These are a harness or collar, leash and pet carrier. The first thing that you need to do is to put the collar or harness on your cat and hold tightly to the leash. Do this before leaving the house so that your Sphynx is not able to escape once you get outside.

It is much better to have your Sphynx inside a secured pet carrier while it is being transported in your car. While he or she may not appreciate being locked in a cage, it is much safer that having it free to roam about the car. If it is free then it may want to jump on you or play with you and this can be very distracting and dangerous while you are driving. The Sphynx will also be much safer in the event of an accident if it is secured inside a pet carrier.

Because your Sphynx may be inside the pet carrier for long periods of time while travelling, you need to ensure that it is comfortable. It should be of ample size for the cat to move around a little and not be too cramped. Make sure that the carrier is clearly labelled with your contact information, your vet’s phone number and your cat’s microchip number (if applicable). This will aid the speedy return of your Sphynx to you should anything happen to it.

Other things to include in the pet carrier are water and food bowls and a disposable litter box. You should be able to purchase these at a local pet store or your veterinary clinic. You should also include a blanket or woollen jumper in the pet carrier so that your Sphynx is able to stay warm. If your Sphynx has a favourite toy it’s a good idea to bring this when you’re travelling. This will make them calmer and less stressed. Bringing some food treats will also take his or her mind off being locked in the pet carrier while travelling.

Another important point to remember is that Sphynx cats sunburn very quickly when exposed to the sunlight. They don’t have the protection that hair affords and so you will need to apply sunscreen if your Sphynx is out in the sun. It’s a good idea to use sunscreen designed for babies as this is better suited to the Sphynx’s sensitive skin.

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