How to take care of a Sphynx cat

Are you a cat fan looking for an adorable and playful pet? You could take a closer look at sphynx cats. And of course, if f you decide to get a sphynx you should also know everything about sphynx cat care.

These cats are very friendly, non-aggressive and that’s why they are good with kids and other animals. Sphynx cats are very communicative, curious and like to cuddle very much. Your sphynx cat will meet you and even some of your guests at the door or accompany you around the house and remind of it’s presence unless it’s asleep. It will be happy to sit on your lap or to get under a soft, cozy blanket while you are reading. Therefore, if you’re looking for an energetic and extroverted cat a Sphynx will definitely meet your requirements.

sphynx kitten

Sphynx cats is a hairless breed of cats. Some sphynx cats have got a little fur that gives their skin a chamois texture. Thanks to the hairless nature, sphynx cats have some unique features. However, they, unlike the other breeds, need regular care. If you love your cat, then caring about it will give you more pleasure than worry. Now let’s go through the instructions how to take care of your sphynx cat.

6 Steps of Sphynx Cat Care

How to Bath a Sphynx Cat

bath sphynx cat

Sphynx cats do not have enough fur to absorb the natural oil secreted from their body. Due to this fact their bodies are more often dirty and you should pay attention to your sphynx cat care. You are to bath your cat at least once a week. As their skin is quite sensitive, you should not scrub your cat and it’s important to use only a recommended shampoo. Ask your breeder about the most suitable one. After bathing, you should wrap your sphynx in a soft towel. Make you’re your cat does not freeze.

Normally when you get a cat from a breeder it knows, what bath is. Still, if your cat doesn’t like getting wet, be patient but make it take a bath. You should give your cat a treat after bath time.

For everyday sphynx care, use wet wipes or wet cotton pads to clean your cat if required. Make sure the wipe is alcohol or scent free.

Sphynx Cat Ear Cleaning

sphynx ears cleaning

As sphynx cats often have much earwax in their ears, it is recommended to clean your cat’s ears with wet ear buds and cotton pads after bath. You may prefer to do this during bath time. If your vet recommends using ear drops, apply it after bath and then remove earwax as gently as you can. Do not clean the ears too deeply so you won’t damage your cat’s hearing.

Sphynx Cat Claw Clipping

sphynx nails cutting

Normally cats don’t like having their nails clipped. If you decide to clip cat’s nails yourself, patience is required. Unless you engage the services of a vet. If you want to do it yourself, make sure that your sphynx is used to the process. It is best to clip the nails soon after bathing when they are softer.

The cat’s nails are divided into two parts: the inner part (quick pink) and the outer area. You should only cut the outer part. The inner part contains several nerve endings and clipping it is extremely painful. Don’t pinch their paws too hard either. Nail clipping twice a month should be enough.

Sphynx Cat Need for Heat

sphynx heater

Sphynx cats are indoor cats. You shouldn’t let your cat out for long periods of time. They have bare skin which is sensitive and can get sunburnt easily. The body of a sphynx is warm because they give off body heat faster than furry cats. Sphynx cats need to be kept warm so that they don’t catch cold. That is why they love to cuddle so much.

Get them a warm bag or an igloo as you can’t be around all the time to give them the warmth they deserve. Buying an igloo make sure it is suitable for hairless cats.

Some pet owners love to play dress up with their cats. If the cat doesn’t like it then don’t do it. But if the cat doesn’t resist and feels no discomfort, then you can select different outfits for your sphynx and get mutual pleasure from it.

Sphynx Cat Toilet habits


Sphynxes like all other cats prefer having their litter box cleaned. Just scoop a litter box regularly and your sphynx cat will feel more comfortable. Scooping the litter box, you also get rid of the unpleasant smell.

Sphynx Cat Temperament and toys

sphynx toys

Sphynx cats are very friendly and cheerful animals. Of course, they love to play, like all other cats. You will enjoy playing with them. Keep toys that are harmful for their sensitive skin away from them.

Sphynx cats love to take part in all household chores. Most of all they like to help make the bed, tangled in a blanket or sheets. Perhaps they interfere more than help. The will definitely make you smile.

Sphynxes are really sun-lovers. Don’t let your cat be in the sun for a long time not to get sun burnt. You can get a soft blanket beside a window for it to bask in the sun a bit.

Ask yourself if you can leave your Sphynx at home alone? You can, but better not for a long time. Provide your sphynx with enough of food and water, make sure that it is warm and has it’s favorite toys. If you are away for longer than 5-6 hours, your cat will definitely meet you at the door.

If you think, “it’s hairless, so grooming should be easier”, you couldn’t be more wrong. Taking care of your sphynx cat  isn’t easy at all. But, you will fall in love with it immediately as instead of having a cat that walks on it’s own. You will get a loving, caring and cuddly chap.


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