Sphynx Cat Tips

The Sphynx cat is a highly affectionate, sociable, and intelligent. They are definitely “people cats”. They will greet you when you come home, snuggle up with you while you are watching television, and sleep with you. They like to hitch occasional rides on your shoulders, and they even like to give kisses!
Sphynx cat

  • Never give your cat any type of human medications. Cats are very sensitive animals. Many medications are toxic to them, and can kill them!!
  • Never use any kind of K-9 flea or tick medications on your cat. This does include flea and tick dip, and the monthly topical medications. These products are deadly!!
  • Do not feed your cats any food that contains onions, they can get sick.
  • Many household plants are poisonous to cats (See Poison Plants).
  • Kittens and cats like to hide in the washer and dryer. Always be sure to check them thoroughly before turning them on.
  • Always keep the toilet lid down when you have a new kitten.
  • Some Sphynx are known to open cabinets. A child safety latch would be good for those cabinets that contain any type of household cleaner.
  • Make sure that you do not allow your cat to play with things such as thread or twist ties. Christmas tinsel and Easter grass are also very dangerous. These items can cause harm to all animals.
  • Never allow your Sphynx to go outside. Their skin is very sensitive and can easily sunburn. Instead, make them a special place in front of a window, where they can lounge in the sunshine.

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