Facts about a Sphynx Cat What you Should Know

It is important that you communicate with your Sphynx and make them feel like they belong in your home. Some Sphynx owners have reported that their Sphynx is very adept at identifying with the surrounding environment and mimicking the behavior that it sees. For example, if a Sphynx cat lives with a family it will identify itself as a human. If you already have a dog and a newly adopted Sphynx kitten will live together with it, it will identify itself with a dog. This tendency is something that Sphynx owners must understand as the Sphynx can be quite sensitive and if it is not accepted as a member of the family then it will be very unhappy.

sphynx kitten

Sphynx Cats Want To Be A Part Of The Humans

If Sphynx cats are left on their own without entertainment they may become destructive to the environment around them.

Sphynx cats are the one breed of cat that doesn’t seem to have a superiority complex. Rather than acting like they are better than everyone else in the household, Sphynx attitude is simply that they want to be part of the humans. Sphynx cats will find a way to be a part of your everyday routine. By draping themselves around your neck as you type at your computer or do your laundry, or snuggling on your lap as you watch TV, this is a pet that will give you all the companionship you need. After a small amount of time, you will find that your hairless kitty becomes quite intuitive as to your moods and emotions.

Sphynx Cat Blurs Traditional Boundaries Between Dogs And Cats

One of the greatest things about Sphynx cat is that it blurs the traditional boundaries between dogs and cats. This is a cat that dog people will love. Sphynx cats’ personalities combine the best elements of dogs and cats to create a wonderful pet that everyone will love.

What Are Sphynx Cats Like: Physical Characteristics Of The Sphynx Cat

sphynx cat

There are several distinctive elements of the Sphynx cats appearance that sets it apart from other cat breeds. These include:

Sphynx Cats Fur and Temperature

A Sphynx cat has relatively high body temperature – around 103°F or 39.44°C. Sometimes they have a fine layer of downy fur on the skin which is almost impossible to see, this has given rise to the popular misconception that Sphynxes are hairless cats. If there is some fur, it is more obvious on the cat’s nose, the back of its ears, the feet, scrotum and tail. The fine downy fur gives the Sphynx’s coat an overall feel that is similar to soft leather. The Sphynx may have wrinkled skin around its face, between its ears and shoulders.

Sphynx Cats Face and Head

The Sphynx has quite an angular, wedge- shaped skull. The skull is slightly longer than wide and the forehead is flat. It has very prominent cheekbones and a distinct whisker zone.

Sphynx Cats Ears

The Sphynx’s ears are very large. They are broad at the base and extending to a narrower tip. The inside of the ears are completely hairless.

Sphynx Cats Eyes

The eyes are a large oval shape. They are widely set and slant upwards towards the ears. The colour is generally in line with the coat colour, although there can also be green, blue and hazel eyed Sphynxes.

Sphynx Cats Body

two sphynxes

The Sphynx’s body is of medium length for a cat. Their bone structure is medium sized, but they are very muscular which can make them heavier than they appear. The most distinctive feature of the Sphynx’s body is probably the rounded abdomen, chest and rump. The large belly can make it look like it has just eaten a big meal. Male Sphynx will usually be larger than the females.

Sphynx Cats Legs and Feet

The legs are proportional to the body size, being sturdy and muscular. The only disproportionate factor is that the back legs are a little longer than the front legs. The paws are oval shaped and the toes are quite long. There are five toes on each front foot and four toes on each back foot. The paw padding is very thick.

Sphynx Cats Tail

The tail is whip-like, meaning that it is thicker at the base and then it tapers into a finer point at the end. It is flexible and in proportion to the length of the body. Some Sphynx cats will have a puff of hair on the end of their tail, similar to a lion.

Sphynx Cats Colour

The Sphynx comes in many different colours with different markings. The colour of the Sphynx is irrelevant for judging purposes.

sphynks cat colors

To put it very simply, the Sphynx is an indoor cat. Some cats love hunting and climbing trees and being free in the outdoors, but the fact of the matter is that the outside world presents an unacceptably high level of risk for the Sphynx. For this reason it is much better that they remain indoors at all times. The dangers to letting your Sphynx outside are outlined in a later chapter.

Are Sphynx cats indoor cats? Yes! Sphynx Cat Is Indoor Pet

To put it very simply – Sphynx cat is an indoor pet. Some cats love hunting and climbing trees and being free in the outdoors, but the fact of the matter is that the outside world presents an unacceptably high level of risk for the Sphynx cat. For this reason it is much better that they remain indoors at all times.

Can Sphynx cats go outside?


sphynx is outside

Keeping your cat indoors means that it will be safe and healthy. However, it also means that you may have to make some modifications to your living environment so that Sphynx will be comfortable living there. You will need to have a place to feed, sleep and go to the toilet. You will also need to have toys, a scratching post and entertainment for the Sphynx cat inside your house. If you are particularly concerned about your home’s appearance or you have very limited space, then this may be something that you will need to think very carefully about.


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