Veterinary Centers for Sphynx Cat

Veterinary Centers for Sphynx Cat

Choosing a veterinary clinic for your Sphynx cat is a responsible matter. Detailed search takes much time. We offer you an easy solution.

Here are the major cities in your country, where you will see (more…)

Benefits of Owning a Sphynx Cat

adult sphynx cat

Owning a Sphynx Cat carries both benefits and responsibility. People often ask what special benefits sphinx owners have. Another frequently asked question is whether the responsibility for the sphinxes (more…)

Sphynx Cat Can Be Your Dream Pet

Sphynx and books

Sphynx cat is a pet that doesn’t shed and combines 3 in 1. Read about Cat Sphynx and get captivated by this unique, peculiar and extraordinary cat breed.

We all dream of the pet that does not shed, (more…)

Before adopt a Sphynx Kitten

sphynx playing

As with all pets, you should really approach your decision to buy a Sphynx cat with the understanding that this will be a pet for life. If you can foresee any reasons why you may have to give up your Sphynx (more…)

5 Unique Features of a Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Kittens

Sphynx cats is a quite a rare breed, mostly known for it’s hairless gene. Once you see a sphynx cat, it may seem to you that you’ve landed on another planet and found yourself in a cat nudist. Sphynx cats (more…)

Sphynx Colors & Patterns

Coloring Sphynx

The Sphynx is accepted in all colors & patterns. The descriptions & pictures below are here as a guide to show what each color & pattern LOOKS like. Eye coloring ranges from green, sea-green, (more…)

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