Dwelf Cat

dwelf cat

A Dwelf is not only one of the smallest cats in the world, but also one of the most exotic, thanks to its amazing and unusual appearance.¬†Dwelf is a rare breed of cats, characterized by short legs and (more…)

Minskin cat

Minskin cat

Minskin is a new cat breed, which only appeared at the beginning of the 21st century. The main differences are the short legs and fur points on a hairless body. Minskin cat is the result of crossbreeding (more…)

Ukrainian Levkoy is an exotic pet

Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy is an experimental cat breed, which is characterized by its original appearance, good manners and special affection for its owner. It is easy to take care of the Ukrainian Levkoy, and (more…)

Elf cat is a hairless cat with curled ears

elf cat

The number of elf cats – the original breed for lovers of hairless cats, is constantly growing every year. Along with the well-known Canadian Sphynx, new breeds are appearing, which are even more interesting (more…)

Bambino cat: Description of the breed

Bambino kitten

The Bambino cat is a relatively new breed, a result of a combination between a Sphynx and a Munchkin. The result was adorable kittens with short legs and without fur. In 2005, the first kitten of this (more…)

Peterbald (Petersburg Sphynx)

peterbald sphynx

The Peterbald Sphynx is a peaceful and noble breed. These cats never feel alone. They are very attached to their owner and will show affection towards other family members.

These cats are very friendly (more…)

Sphynxes – a variety of hairless cats

sphynx cat care

Sphynxes are unique breed, and despite its somewhat repulsive appearance, these cats have a kind of magical aura and magnetism that lures you in. They differ from other breeds as they lack fur.

It is (more…)

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