Bambino cat: Description of the breed

The Bambino cat is a relatively new breed, a result of a combination between a Sphynx and a Munchkin. The result was adorable kittens with short legs and without fur. In 2005, the first kitten of this breed was born, being an unplanned “fruit of love” of the two above-mentioned breeds. The animal was purchased by a married couple from America, and, after looking closely at its unusual appearance, decided to secure these features of the new breed. Today, we will tell you more about the history of this breed, the features of these funny cats, and the nuances of this breed.

Bambino cat

The history of the Bambino cat breed

A married couple from the U.S. state of Arkansas, who owned a kennel of Canadian Sphynxes, accidentally acquired a funny naked kitten on short legs, with no idea about its origin. The kitten was given the name Bambino, which later became the name for the whole breed. When the animal grew up, the owners became interested in its genetics, learning that the parents of the funny baby were the Canadian Sphynx and Munchkin – cats with short legs. The “love” of these different cats was embodied in a bizarre way. The Bambino cat turned out to be short-legged and hairless, and not vice versa, allowing the birth of an unusual breed, whose fans became cat lovers all over the world.

As we mentioned before, the first Bambino cat was born in 2005, when this breed was still not named. In 2006, the first officially registered litter of this breed appeared, and the breed received experimental status from TICA (The International Cat Association) version. Note that officially, the breed is not yet recognized, and in Germany, even the law prohibits crossing such breeds as the Sphynx and the Munchkin.

Owners of the Bambino cats decided to consolidate its features and engaged in breeding under the guidance of professional breeders and geneticists. We can see the result now: a miniature cat with the appearance of an alien has won the popularity of many.

Bambino cat breed standard

Calling the unusual kitten by the name of Bambino (baby, child), its owners did not lose – even in adulthood, cats of this breed remain miniature and retain a childish muzzle. However, as with any other cat breed, these features are secured.

A reminder that the breed is experimental and is not recognized by most cat associations and federations. This is because it is a new breed, as well as the controversial issue of the original compatibility of predecessor breeds. It will be considered an intermediate breed until sufficient time has passed to identify possible health problems of these animals and, accordingly, to see whether there is any danger to their lives.

Note that for thirteen years of their existence, the Bambino has not revealed any alarming problems related to the physiological characteristics. Simply put, breed diseases or abnormalities in the Bambino have not been found, including problems with their spine or legs. Thus, the breed continues to evolve as an experimental breed and for a long time, has its own breed cleanliness, though not recognized as one at a global level.


Weight and sizeThe weight of an adult cat ranges from two to four kilograms, while female cats are a quarter smaller than male cats. There is no data on normal growth.
Coat colorAll colors possible, except combinations, including zonal distribution of color along the length of the hair (several colors on one hair). The most rare and valuable are considered one-coloured white, black or blue cats. The eye color should be in harmony with the main color of fur.
HeadMedium size, with pronounced protruding cheekbones and a wide muzzle. The chin is lined up with nose. Ears set wide apart, upwards very high, slightly leaning forward. Large almond-shaped eyes set wide apart. The main eye colour – green and blue, yellow is less common. Heterochromia (different color iris) is allowed.
BodyStretched, oval-shaped, with a rounded belly. Broad muscular chest. The female cat should be strong, chunky.
LimbsLegs short, muscular, wide apart, and strong. Paws have thick pads that hide long claws. The fingers are thin with protruding joints. Hind legs are longer relative to the front legs.
TailHairless, long and thin, tapers to the tip.
Skin integumentThe apparent absence of fur. A small velveteen fluff is allowed along the body, the head and muzzle sometimes have a more intense fluff. The cat is hot and “velvet” to the touch. On top of the head and on the body – skin folds.
DisadvantagesSwirled tail, light, frail physique, a lot of hair; a short, compact body.


The character of a Bambino cat

The Bambino breed has absorbed the best qualities from the Sphynx and Munchkins. From the Sphynx, they have obtained amazing intelligence, easy to teach, curiosity and friendliness. From Munchkins, easy character, sociability, affection for people and playfulness. Extremely successful characteristics were obtained because the Bambino is perfect for a large family with children and for a single person who wants to have a gentle and obedient pet.

Looking at the Bambino, you would think that this short-legged cat is awkward and clumsy. The illusion dissipates; you should see this breed in person. Bambinos are extremely mobile and playful, not inferior in agility and speed to any other cat.

Bambino kitten

Bambinos are kittens for life that will be busy communicating with their owners or playing around all the time, free from sleep. For breeders of this breed, we strongly recommend that owners purchase a large number of toys, as well as to equip the area, so the cats can climb. No wonder the Bambino is called “cat-clown” or “cat-monkey” – its short legs will not interfere with their curiosity, so you can find the animal in any corner of the house.

A Bambino will follow its owner everywhere, taking the most active part in all household chores. To sit in the owner’s lap and take a nap for couple of hours in the warmth and comfort is one of the favorite things to do for a Bambino cat. Definitely one thing that this cat cannot stand is loneliness and lack of attention.

High intelligence allows the animal to easily remember the established order in the house, understand commands and even the words that were said to him. Bambinos have a strong psyche, are not shy and quickly adapt to new things, whether it is the arrival of guests, rearrangement or relocation. Ensuring comfortable conditions, Bambino cats can go outside (for example, in the country homes territory in warm weather) and are accustomed to walking on a tight leash.

Bambino cat and other animals

From the given information, it is clear that Bambino is an extremely friendly breed, devoid of aggression or cowardice. These characteristics allow cats to get along well, not only with people but also with other animals. If the other pet does not show discontent or cruelty towards the short-legged cat, they will certainly make friends.

Owners of a Bambino cat note that the breed gets along well with other cats, as well as dogs, ferrets, and even parrots. However, in regard to birds and small rodents, it is better not to leave a cat alone with them, even if her character seems to be calm. Although they look funny, the Bambino cat’s instincts are still there, and it can remember that its ancestors successfully hunted for food and for fun.

Bambino Cat Care

People fascinated by their unique appearance should be prepared for thorough and attentive care for the Bambino cat. First, this is due to the lack of fur. Same as Sphynxes, Bambino cats do not like cold, dampness and drafts, so the place this cat lives in should be appropriate.

To keep the Bambino cat from freezing, you need to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. Do not allow the air conditioner or fan to blow on the animal. Do not create draughts. The cat should be able to take a comfortable position to have some rest and sleep: to do this, it is better to have several beds – “nests” in different rooms. The Bambino cat likes living in various houses, deep boxes and shelters, where it can watch the rest of the family.

Bambino cat

Bambino houses need to be insulated by placing a fluffy blanket or other fabric in them that is pleasant against the bare skin of the animal. You can also buy or make a special hammock for the radiator – some cats do not get out of it in the cold season.

Some owners buy or sew clothes for Bambino cats – knitted, fleece or cotton jackets so that the animal always feels comfortable. Actually, cats quickly get used to the elements of the wardrobe, but the owner must choose clothes according to the size of the animal, so that the outfit does not hinder the movement of the cat or, on the contrary, does not hang off and interfere while moving. It should be kept in mind that the cat’s claws can get stuck on their clothes, and they can hurt themselves, so you need to carefully monitor the behavior of the animal, and remove its clothing when the cat has been left home alone for a long period.

Bambino cat hygiene

Hairless cats need regular water treatment, unlike their companions with fur. If Bambino cats are taught to wash from childhood, problems with bathing will not arise. Some cats take pleasure from taking a bath if the water is a comfortable temperature (not cool, but not hot, this is important!), and the water level allows the animal to stand on its own in it. At the bottom of the bathtub, you need to lay a rubber mat so that the cat does not get nervous or slip on a smooth surface.

Some cat breeds love to swim, but this is an exception rather than a rule.

The Bambino cat needs to be washed on a regular basis, as it can get dirty. The fact is that the skin quickly accumulates dust and dirt, as well as skin secretions, which in animals with hair is distributed through the hair. Another feature of the Bambino, same as with Sphynxes: they sweat like humans. Thus, over time, the cat can begin to have a bad smell. Water treatments need to be performed every ten to twelve days, and the owners will not need to worry about it.

Bambino kitten

As we mentioned above, the Bambino cat needs to be washed in warm water, using a special shampoo. In pet stores, there are multiple rows for hairless animals meant to be used for the Bambino cat. The use of soap or human products is forbidden since bad compositions or aggressive ingredients will cause skin problems for cats. However, breeders admit that washing Bambino cats with products meant for newborn babies are fine.

Exceptional Bambino cat features

Most of their habits, as well as nuances in care, Bambino cats took from their ancestor breeds. However, the interesting combination also got its own characteristics, which you should know about if you intend to get this breed.

The first feature is that not all Bambino kittens are born, as indicated by the standard. In the litter, there may be kittens with regular length legs, in fact, no different from the classic Sphynxes. These kittens are representatives of the Bambino breed, but superficially, they are not. In this feature lies the second one – to buy an unsterilized kitten is extremely difficult.

Bambino kittens

Due to the experimental nature of the breed and the importance of knowledge on breeding Bambino cats, breeders do not sell pedigree kittens for no reason. If a person wants to have a pet, while not being a specialist in the field of breeding cats, he will be offered only a neutered/sterilized animal, that is, without the right to breed. This approach is justified, first, because of the concern for the safety of the breed and the health of specific individuals. If the owner of the Bambino cat wants to cross it with another breed, the mutation in the genes can be unpredictable.

Another interesting feature of the Bambino cat is their favorite pose. Cats often sit on their hind legs, stretched out in a column, like gophers. Perhaps this is due to their shortness and desire to see more, perhaps with its physiological nuances of the structure of the body. In any case, when he stands on his hind legs, the kitten warms the hearts of everyone around it!

Feeding the Bambino cat

As descendants of sphynxes, Bambinos have a delicate digestive system; in addition, the food should be balanced in calories. On the one hand, naked cats have a faster metabolism that does not allow them to freeze from the cold, but on the other hand – the extra weight puts a load on their spine, and that already is a weak spot for short-legged Bambino cats.

For the first few weeks, the cat needs to be fed as it was fed in its first home. Later, the owner can adjust the animal’s diet, but they cannot forget about its norms. When the kitten is 3 months old, it can be fed with ready-made food superpremium – or holistic-classes with a balanced natural diet.

Important to know! Under no circumstances should the cat should receive food from the owner’s plate. Porridge, soups and other human dishes are harmful to any cat and can undermine its health.

Dry food

If we talk about ready-made dry and wet food, then Bambino cats can eat the food that Sphynxes do. Most owners choose food brands – Pro Plan, Royal Canin, Hill’s Science, ACANA, Natural&Delicious and other similar ones. It is necessary to choose food intended for hairless cats – there are no ingredients meant for the growth and health of the cat’s fur, which is absolutely unnecessary for Bambino cats, but fatty acids, trace elements, proteins are included in the composition. Such food is hypoallergenic and protects the digestive tract of a cat – these indicators are necessary to rely on when you are purchasing cat food that is not meant for Sphynxes.

Bambino cat

It is important to take into account the cat’s age – all the food is divided into food meant for kittens, adults and senior cats. On each food package, there are also recommendations with feeding standards. The daily rate is calculated, depending on the age and weight of the cat, which is usually enough for it.

Natural food

It is much more difficult to choose a natural diet since it is necessary to take into account the cat’s needs to calculate the necessary number of calories, vitamins and other essential ingredients for long life and health.

The main nutrition should be meat (beef, chicken, turkey). The meat is given raw, before serving, you can scald the pieces with boiling water. In the portion with meat, you can grate raw or slightly cooked vegetables: carrots, squash, and pumpkin. Up to 20% of the portion can be cereal – it can be buckwheat, rice, oatmeal. From dairy products, you can offer Bambino cats kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, and fermented baked milk. A couple of times a week, include eggs, chicken or quail in the diet; you can also give the animal some fish oil.

Cats that eat natural products should receive special vitamin complexes. However, before using any, it is better to talk with a veterinarian, who will select the necessary additives for the particular cat.

The food must be at room temperature, it is unacceptable to give frozen or products straight out of the refrigerator, as well as hot, freshly cooked – this causes problems with teeth and their digestion. It is forbidden to give Bambino cats:

  • River fish;
  • Bones;
  • Smoked, fried, salted food;
  • Legumes;
  • Sweets, pastries, bakery products;
  • Cow’s milk;
  • Pork.

It is also not recommended to combine dry food and natural products – a cat’s digestive tract adapts to one type of food, and to avoid problems with the bowel, you need to choose one option.

How to buy a Bambino cat

It is very difficult to find a Bambino kitten. There are several nurseries selling these kittens. This is usually a nursery, where initially the breeders specialized in the Sphynxes, later including a list of other breeds and Bambino.

If you wish to purchase such a kitten, put special attention and strength into the search. Never send an advance payment if you found an ad sale on a bulletin website. Kennels have their own websites, and if you do not have the opportunity to come for a kitten in person, the breeder will not refuse you a video session to show the animal, its documents and answer all questions. At this moment, several nurseries are engaged in Bambino kitten breeding.

Bambino kitten

Important to know! Beware of scammers! Disguised as Bambino cats, unscrupulous sellers can offer Canadian Sphynx kittens, while kittens are almost indistinguishable from the described breed. It is best to look for a Bambino kitten by going to a cat show/sale in your city. Most likely, you will not find these kittens, but you will be able to talk to breeders and try to get some contacts for the needed kennel.

The price of a Bambino kitten

The most significant disadvantage of the breed is its cost. This is connected to it being a rare breed, the price of transferring a kitten to another city or the price of delivery, which is paid by the owner. Thus, the cost of purchasing a Bambino, as well as the purchase of necessary accessories for the cat (care cosmetics, food, vitamins, and couch-house), will be very high.

To summarize

Bambinos are charming cats, differing in alien appearance. Yes, not everyone likes this breed, but fans of hairless cats have long appreciated the charm of short-legged Sphynxes. To become the owner of this exotic and rare cat breed, you need to be prepared for significant expenses – a Bambino kitten is not cheap, and it is not easy to find a conscientious breeder. However, if you set a goal, you can become the owner of an incredibly affectionate, beautiful and unusual animal that will become a real member of the family.

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