Before adopt a Sphynx Kitten

As with all pets, you should really approach your decision to buy a Sphynx cat with the understanding that this will be a pet for life. If you can foresee any reasons why you may have to give up your Sphynx sometime in the future, then you should seriously reconsider your decision to get one at all.

Some of the common reasons why people give up their pets include: travelling, moving abroad, moving to a new house where pets aren’t allowed, illness, having children and more demanding work commitments. Think seriously about whether any of these scenarios are likely to happen to you and whether they will impact your ability to care for your Sphynx.

sphynx kittens

It is also important to remember that kittens grow up. While your young pet will undoubtedly be completely adorable, as with humans, the cuteness may fade as they get older and this is something that the owner will need to accept. Also, remember that the way the animal is treated when it is young goes a long way to shaping its attitude and behavior in the future.

If you are unsure about looking after a demanding kitten, then you may want to consider purchasing or adopting an adult Sphynx. This will give you a greater degree of control over the appearance and behavior of the cat. You will easily be able to find adult Sphynx cats for sale through breeders who advertise online. You may also try to find one at rescue shelters, although this is not very likely given the rarity of the breed.

Sphynx Cat Skin And Damage to Possessions

The peculiarity of the Sphynx’s almost hairless coat means that Sphynx cat skin becomes quite oily and greasy. Without proper grooming, this oil will be transferred from the cat’s coat to furniture, clothing and upholstery in your house and it can stain. This is something that you need to be prepared to deal with as it is practically unavoidable when keeping a Sphynx as a pet.

Like most cats, Sphynx also love scratching. This is something that they do to keep their nails strong and healthy). Unfortunately this means that they will tear up your curtains and furniture if it is not provided with an alternative scratching post that it is trained to use.

Remember also that the Sphynx is a very mischievous and playful cat. They will climb over your furniture and appliances trying to get your attention. They also love sitting on electrical devices because they are usually the warmest places in the house. With all this movement and activity, it is possible that your possessions may occasionally be broken by your Sphynx. This is something that you must be prepared to tolerate.

Company for your Sphynx

Sphynx cats are such sociable creatures that it is simply unfair for them to be left on their own all day. This means that if the people in your household all work long hours, then it may not be the best decision for you to make a Sphynx a part of your family. An alternative of course, is to consider buying more than one Sphynx so that they can keep each other company throughout the day. This is also more love and affection for you when you come home!

Patience for Bad Behaviour

As with all pets, a Sphynx will occasionally misbehave, break things or not leave you alone. This can be very frustrating for some people, but you need to be able to remember that it is an animal and you need to be tolerant with it no matter what.

sphynx kittens

Understanding Sphynx Requirements

The distinctive physical characteristics of the Sphynx means that it has very specific and important care requirements. The large, hairless ears need to be cleaned regularly, the claws need to be clipped and they will need to be bathed on a weekly basis. You need to be able to dedicate the time to do this on an ongoing basis, otherwise your Sphynx will become very sick and unhappy.

sphynx playing

You also need to commit to cleaning out the litter tray (which is not the most pleasant of jobs) and providing sufficient food and water for your Sphynx. These are vital requirements that must never be forgotten.

Sphynx Grooming

Sphynx Cats consider grooming as a very important thing. You will often see cats licking themselves, or washing their faces with the back of a paw, several times a day. Cats have a very strong sense of pride in their appearance and they don’t like to be dirty at all. Grooming also serves a hygienic function which is very important for the cat’s overall health and self esteem.

Grooming is an even more serious issue for Sphynx cats given their lack of hair and the amount of oil that their skin produces. You need to get involved in your Sphynx’s grooming regime to help it to maintain a healthy and happy life.

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