You have found The Breeder – Now Choose Sphynx Kitten

After you have found a breeder that you are satisfied with, and you are happy with the conditions of their cattery, it will then be time for you to Choose Sphynx kitten that you are going to take home with you. This can be a very difficult decision as each of the kittens that you meet will have their own unique personalities and physical characteristics.

Choose Sphynx Kitten

It is very important to remember that the conditions and experiences during the kittens early years will play a large role in determining its future behaviour and condition. This is why you need to pay careful attention to the breeder’s practices, in particular those relating to breeding, health and socialization. These factors have a huge impact on shaping the cats suitability as a pet.

There are many things that you should consider when you Choose Sphynx Kitten. These include:

  • Has kitten been well cared for in the cattery?
  • Has the kitten been de-wormed and had all required vaccinations?
  • Is the kitten well socialized and comfortable being handled by humans?
  • Is the kitten nervous or fearful of humans? If so, this may suggest that it hasn’t been treated well and is not used to human contact.
  • Can you see evidence of any possible health problems with the kitten? Check that the eyes are bright and clean, that there is no discharge from the nostrils, that the gums are pink and healthy, that the teeth are strong and straight, that the ears are clean and that the skin is not excessively oily or dry.
  • Look whether the body of Sphynx cat is proportionate. Things like this are particularly important if you intend to show or breed from your Sphynx.
  • Check that the kitten has good hearing and eyesight. You can do this by making a noise (such as clapping your hands, whistling or shaking your keys) and then watching if the kitten turns to face the sound.

After you have chosen your Sphynx kitten it is a very good idea to have it examined by a vet straight away. This will alert you to any potential health problems with the kitten. If these are serious enough then you may want to return the kitten to the breeder. This also gives you the opportunity to get to know your vet and to introduce your Sphynx kitten to your vet from an early age so that they are able to feel comfortable in this environment. Having Sphynx comfortable with being examined by a vet from an early age will make this experience a lot less stressful for the future.

Choosing Sphynx Kitten

Everything outlined above, from researching the breeder to visiting the cattery and finally selecting your puss, may seem like a very time consuming and difficult process. However, it is essential that you take the time and put a lot of thought and care into this very important decision of choosing the right Sphynx kitten.

Rushing into purchasing your new Sphynx cat is a dangerous idea. You may find yourself with a cat that is not a suitable pet or that is not practical for the purpose that you intended. You will then be put in the heartbreaking position of possibly having to give up the cat because it was not exactly what you were looking for. This can be a very traumatic experience and it is one that is so easy to avoid with a little bit of hard work at the outset.

Putting in the effort and being patient before making your decision means that you are more likely to find your perfect sphynx kitten. This is a huge reward that will give you many years of companionship, love and joy.

Sphynx Cat is a Rare Breed of a Cat

The Sphynx cat is a rare breed of a cat, and as with anything rare and exclusive, this generally means a higher than normal purchase price. The initial Sphynx cat purchase price will vary depending on whether you want a pure-breed that you can take to shows, whether you want to breed from Sphynx or whether you simply want a Sphynx cat for a companion pet.

Sphynx Cat Purchase Price

A show quality non-breeding Sphynx kitten that is registered with the GCCF will generally cost between $700 – $1000. A registered breeding Sphynx will generally cost between $1800 – $4000.

If you are not interested in having a registered Sphynx (that is, one that satisfies the breeding standards of the GCCF) then you may be able to purchase a kitten for under $400 or if you’re lucky to adopt from a shelter for a little donation.

Of course, these prices will be more expensive if you need to transport or import Sphynx kitten from a breeder somewhere else in the world.

Sphynx Cat Daily Expenses

On top of the high initial purchase price, the daily expenses involved in keeping a Sphynx cat as a pet are significant. They will need high quality cat food, kitty litter and things to keep it entertained, such as a scratching post and toys.

Then there will be expenses involved in veterinary care. These will include the initial round of vaccinations if your kitten hasn’t already had this, plus any medical treatment that it needs over the years. If your Sphynx gets sick or injured then you may need to get medical emergency care which can be very expensive.

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