Sphynx Cat Bathing Routine: How to Bath your Sphynx cat?

Unlike most cats who hate water in any form, most Sphynx cats have become accustomed to bathing routine and accept that this is a part of life. Some have even developed a real love of water and can’t wait for their bath time!

How Often to Bath a Sphynx Cat?

How often do you need to undertake Sphynx Bathing? The oiliness of the Sphynx’s skin means that you need to bath your Sphynx on a regular basis. The frequency of Sphynx bathing will depend on your Sphynx’s skin type and the amount of grease that it produces, however in general it will be once or twice a week.

shynx after bathing

Where Do You Bath Sphynx?

Whether it is your bathroom, your shower or even a kitchen, Sphynx cat usually doesn’t mind, as long as it is warm and cozy. Please gently put Sphynx into the sink filled with warm water as high as cat’s belly. Go ahead!

What Shampoo to Use For Sphynx Cat Bathing?

Your breeder should have developed bathing routine. If it works for your breeder it will work for you. Do not experiment – many breeders likes Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo. This shampoo is ideal for gently cleansing and moisturising Sphynx’ skin. Apply small amount of the shampoo on Ramer’s Baby Sponge and gently soap down avoiding mouth, nose and eye area.

How About Sphynx Cat Paws & Toes?

If you think that indoor Sphynx has clean paws then you’re wrong again.
Although you can often see your loved Sphynx licking and biting it’s paws (ice-cream licking) , they feet are still dirty, yak! So it is very important to get as much dirt as you can at the time of bathing.
Take one paw in your hand and put some pressure on one of the toe pads so that the claw extends. Pull a pinkish area at the base of the claw (this is known as the quick) and clean the dirt with the soapy water. It should be very easy at this stage as feet had a good soak. Keep your Sphynx warm, always top up sink with warm water.

Sphynx Cat Bathing Is A Special Experience

sphynx kittens in the bath

Sphynx cats are accustomed to bathing since early days. It may be not their favorite activity but they really do not mind looking pretty. Sphynx Cats don’t know how to hide pride in their faces, posture and posing when they are nice and clean. Sphynx cat bathing is a perfect bonding experience.

How to Bath your Sphynx cat?

You should prepare to bathe your Sphynx Cat. You can plan bathe-time if your Sphynx is healthy. It’s better to pass some time after feeding, at least about 1 hour. Make also sure that the room where you take your Sphinx after bathing is warm and get rid of drafts.

Prepare everything you need for bathing your Sphynx:

  • soft towels
  • shampoo
  • soft sponge
  • non-slip mat
  • coconut oil

You and your Sphynx cat should be calm and in a good mood. If you bathe a cat alone, make sure that for a while nothing will disturb you. It would be great, if you could do everything confidently, without unnecessary haste, but quite clearly and quickly.

1. Preparing a bathroom

A bathroom should be warm. Place a non-slip mat on the bottom of the bathtub. Fill the bathtub with warm water to a depth of about 10-15 cm. Water can reach the middle of the cat’s paws or belly. Bring your Sphinx cat. Close the bathroom door. Gently put the cat into the water and place the cat on the mat.

2. Application of shampoo

Apply shampoo to a sponge moistened with warm water. Whip a little foam. Sponge the cat and take off as much dirt as you can. Avoid getting shampoo and water in your ears and eyes. The cat’s face can be gently wiped with a damp sponge or wet wipes after bathing.

3. Rinse off shampoo

Open the bathroom drain and rinse the shampoo from the cat with warm water. The pressure of the shower should not be powerful, so as not to scare the cat. If your pet is afraid of the shower, then you can rinse the sponge under warm tap water and rinse off the shampoo with a clean sponge.

4. After bathing

Make sure that there is no shampoo on the skin. Carefully wrap the clean cat in a towel and make your pet dry. You may also moisture your Sphynx cat’ skin with a coconut oil. Take the wrapped cat in a dry soft towel to the prepared room.

Some Sphynx cats begin lick itself, they can also run and play a bit after bathing. Sometimes your Sphynx may eat some food. Usually, this happens due to keeping warm. After a while, your Sphynx cat will usually go to bed. Make sure your Sphynx cat is warm. If you want to use some Coconut oil for moisturizing, read the article about Sphynх Cat Skincare. If necessary, cover your lovely bold pet with its favorite soft blanket and let it sleep well.

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