Effects of music response of domestic cats in a veterinary clinic

To reduce the stress for cats during examination in a veterinary clinic, you can use specially recorded cat vocalizations music with the sounds of rumbling and feeding kittens. This was found out by American scientists, who examined 21 cats. The scientists played to them cat music, or classical, or did not play anything. Subjective behavioral indicators of stress in the first case has been decreased, outlined the scientists in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

Sphynx cat in headphones

One of the important effects of music is a change in the psychological state of animals who listens to it. Interestingly, soothing music reduces the stress of cats while visiting veterinary clinics. It is assumed that it is not classical music that can be more effective in reducing the stress of animals, but melodies that are created specifically for certain species, taking into account, for example, the range of sound frequency they perceive and the features of natural communication.

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