Sphynx cat eye care – how to clean Sphynx cat’s eyes

Cats are incredibly clean pets, but your Sphynx needs a little bit more help to maintain an exciting look. In our article we will tell you how to clean your Sphynx cat’s eyes correctly and what things will be suitable for different cases at home or while traveling with your cat.

Features of Sphynx cat’s eyes

Due to the physiological structure, Sphynxes do not have eyelashes that can hold dust. Thus, the dust settles directly on the eye. Then it is wetted and displayed on the inner corner of the eye in the form of tear stains or in a light brown discharge. If you do not remove it in due time, the discharge becomes dry and dark brown. A small amount of discharge from the eyes, which appears rarely and does not bother your pet, is quite normal. You just need to take care of the eyes of your Sphynx regularly.

Eye of Sphynx cat

If discharge from the eyes becomes extensive, it is better to ask your veterinarian about it. The faster you do this, the easier it will be to maintain your cat’s eyes healthy. The appearance of copious discharge or tears is a signal for the careful and responsible owner: you need to bring your cat to the veterinary center. This may be a sign of infectious disease, allergy, or eye injury. The exact cause will be determined by a vet.

How to clean Sphynx cat’s eyes?

Eye care depends on the frequency of eye discharge. Usually to clean your Sphynx’s eyes once a day is quite enough. With proper preparation, the daily cat’s eyes cleaning will take no more than a couple of minutes and will not cause any stress for you and your Sphynx.

You need the following supplies to clean Sphynx cat’s eyes:

  • cotton pads and cat eyewash fluid
  • or pet wipes

Fluids, such as water or saline, simply remove tear stains. Special eyewash fluid not only cleanses but also provides an antibacterial effect and relieves irritation.

1. Dip cotton pad in eyewash fluid.

It is important that your Sphynx is not allergic to the medicine or fluid that you will use for eye cleaning.

2. Wipe the eye in the direction from the outer corner to the inner.

This is an important rule, the non-observance of which nullifies all efforts. If you wipe the eye, on the contrary, from the inner corner to the outer, all the dirt will fall under the eyelid and accumulate there, which can provoke even an inflammation.

3. Use a fresh cotton pad for each eye.

Make sure the fibers from a cotton pad do not enter the eye. This can damage your cat’s eyes. Repeat several times until eyes and eyelids are clean.

What is best for Sphynx cat’s eye care: pet wipes or eyewash

If special pet wipes are 100% safe and completely free from parabens, alcohol, flavorings, chlorine and other chemicals they are good for eye cleaning too. You don’t need anything else for everyday care for your Sphynx’s eyes. They are very convenient while you are traveling with your pet. Pet wipes are universal and thus are suitable for cleaning pet’s paws, teeth, etc.

Eye of Sphynx cat

Cotton pads and eyewash fluid are good when you are at home. On the one hand, you can choose the supplies that are most suitable for your cat. On the other hand, you can regulate the appropriate dosage.

What can you use to clean Sphynx eyes

We surfed supplies for cleaning Sphynx cat’s eyes. Our Experts’s choice for traveling are BIGA’s Pet wipes.

Antibacterial Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes by BIGA

  • Are large and thick. You can clean more than eyes if necessary!
  • Contain safe ingredients. These wipes are 100% safe and natural
  • Are durable and soft. Thick and large makes them extra durable while wiping. They are soft and suitable for gentle and sensitive Sphynx cat’s skin.
  • Are portable and suitable for travel or a big trip

Pet Wipes by BIGA contain only natural ingredients, are antibacterial and fragrance-free, that is why they are safe for your cat. These wipes are very soft, so you will never damage your Sphynx cat’s sensitive skin. They are durable and also large enough to clean no only eyes, if necessary. And the BIGA pet wipes are also portable that is why we recommend to take them with while traveling with your Sphynx. The last but not least: the economy pack let you easily reduce the daily expenses.

Tomlyn Opticlear Veterinary Eye Wash

For everyday care we have chosen either Tomlyn Opticlear Veterinary Eye Wash or Arava Bio Tears Stain Cleaner. Use them together with soft cotton pads.

  • Is sterile
  • Has the same pH as tears

Tomlyn Opticlear Veterinary Eye Wash is sterile, so you can be sure, that your Sphynx’s eyes will be duly cleaned. This pet eyewash has the same pH as tears and that is why it is suitable for sensitive Sphynx cat’s skin. Your Sphynx will feel absolutely comfortable after daily eye cleaning. The economy pack of 2 is also a benefit.

Arava Bio Tears Stain Cleaner

  • Contains natural ingredients combined with the 26 skin- nourishing Dead Sea minerals
  • Is antibacterial

Arava Bio Tears Stain Cleaner contains only natural ingredients and is suitable both for adult cats and kittens. This cleaner not only removes existing eye tears and stains but also prevents the bacteria that causes them. Thanks to skin-nourishing Dead Sea minerals, this cleaner also offers long-lasting results.

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